The XPONTI package includes some modules from the ENG collection and it was conceived to effectively plan beam decks according to law DM 14/01/2008 and Eurocodes.

The software was created after a long experience in the precasted beam deck sector and it represents an easy and quick tool to plan a wide range of possible cases. It is made up of many modules connected to each other, which allows to plan and carry out simple structures as well as more complex and demanding ones.

Modules making up the package:

  • SIGMAC Precasted beam deck and cast in situ slab calculation
  • GRAT soluzione di impalcati come grigliato, a geometria libera
  • TCAP pre-stressed concrete beam test
  • PRELIM concrete and pre-stressed concrete section tests

They are interfaced in order to look like one single software; the calculation is automatic and as soon as the user changes the input data the output data refreshes. This feature allows the software to simulate a great variety of different planning circumstances.

The 8.3 edition is provided with an improved connection to text treatment softwares through RTF format, allowing a quick preparation of the calculation note and the easy data input by the user.