DIAF 8.3  

DIAF calculates land support structures. It can be used for dimensioning and to test steel and concrete sheet piles, wickets with micropoles or large diameter poles, concrete diaphragms. As a consequence of the implementation of the structures described above, the program has been structured to allow a study of a sequence of excavation configurations during which the support structure undergoes pushes, forces, constraints, and so on.

The software was provided with a transparent interface, which allows the user to decide the calculation method and to interpret the results.
The coefficients can be modified by the engineer.

The structure's section can be easily assigned by extracting the data from the steel profile database or by creating concrete sections.
For a better reading of the results, the software was provided with an index, which allows to instantaneously reach every topic.

Interfaced with:
  • PRELIM - verifica sezione diaframma
Technical notes: