• Make sure each module is not running before updating an installed SIGMAc SOFT software.
  • Create a new, empty folder which will be removed later.
  • Download zipped files by clicking on "Guida in linea" and "Programma"; save them in the new folder.
  • Extract all files and save them in the folder.
  • Start the installation by clicking Setup.exe file.
  • Follow the directions and add your code when requested.
  • Once the installation is complete, it is possible to remove the folder containing all downloaded files.

N.B. Burning all files, except zipped ones, on a CD, it is possible to obtain a self-installing CD, which can become a back-up copy. It allows to repeat the installation process, even when offline, simply by sliding the CD in the PC.

  • ENG9 edizione 9.4 del 01/2020

    Scaricate la versione 9.4, una volta installata sul vostro computer funzionerà subito come versione demo. Contattando SIGMAc SOFT potrete successivamente attivarla acquistando una licenza.
    Scarica: ENG9.4, Manuali.
  • ENG8 revisione 8.31 - Last edition

    It is available now the last edition - ENG8 revisione 8.31 :
    • GRAT - Calculation module gratings:
      • New printing option for binding reactions summary table
      • Strengthening of calculation capacity for complex structures
    • MURO - Calculation module for supporting walls:
      • Improvement of calculation algorithms, technical note SW124 del 29 dicembre 2012 - test cases MURO
      • New manual available, downloadable separately
      • Working index in the note of calculation draft
      • Note of calculation transferred to Word Processor with preset paragraphs numbering
    • TCAP - pre-stressed concrete beam test:
      • New functionality: connection test between beam and slab according to law EN1992-1-1-6.2.5
      • Improved interface: handy and animated tool-bar
    • TRSP - rigid fram structure calculation:
      • New printing option for binding reactions summary table
      • Problem solved: inserting sections in pole geometry
    • Minor bug fixes found in other modules

    New MURO module manual available.
    Download: Guida in linea , Programma , Manuale MURO (ZIP files)
  • ENG8 8.3 edition - 07/2012

    Download: Guida in linea and Programma
  • ENG8 8.24 edition - 10/2011

    Download: Guida in linea , Programma , Manuale SIGMAC (ZIP files)
  • User Manual - 5/2011

    Download: Manuale ENG , Manuale DIAF , Manuale TCAP (ZIP files)
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