SIGMAc is one of the main italian industry producing precast prestressed reinforced concrete beams for bridges. The products can be successfully used for road building and railway network.
From 1955 up-to-date SIGMAc has produced more than 7 milions meters of prestressed manufacture giving a  significant experience in small/medium span bridges and knowledge beyond the average  required to solve any construction problem.

Our qualified engineers pay much attention to the projects datails, allocating time towards checking calculations and drawings that allows a high quality safe product and a reduced cost.
The technical team has developed a specific automatic calculation software in order to simulate the structure behavior and to check any element.
SIGMAc SOFT is the Software Department in charge of high quality Structural Engineering Application Development.

In 50 years SIGMAc has reached significant working experiences, quality procedures, reliability and skills.
We can offer to contractors the top quality of services  and at the same time shorter delivery of projects and precast products.

SIGMAc offers:
Technical area
- The best solution  tailored to the situation for bridges span up to 40 meters
- Project ready for execution
- Test assistance

Production area
- High quality material
- High quality control system production
- Prompt production

- Assembly organization and scheduling
- Garantee delivery times
- Technical assistance in the work achievement