This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 790367.

PRECOPAL is a new sustainable type of pre-stressed, steel-free sheet piles, which along with its enhanced mechanical characteristics and the integrated innovative interlocking and waterjet technologies, constitutes a pioneering sheet pile system of enhanced performance and durability.

PRECOPAL innovation mainly consist of:
  • Reinforcement bars made of GFRP (glass fibre reinforced polymer), fully resistant to corrosion;
  • Minimum 90MPa compression resistance concrete (C80/95);
  • PVC Interlocking system;
  • High pressure waterjet system.

The key innovation of PRECOPAL, compared to the existing solutions, is the integration of prestressed
glass fibre reinforced polymer bars of around 14mm which completely replaces the use of steel and
eliminates any corrosion phenomenon, offering an average of 100 years life-span.

Any element, having a length of 8÷14m, can be easily driven into the ground with a superior force assisted by high pressure water jet distributed to the bottom by a pipe inserted inside the concrete.

The sheet piles will be interlocked thanks to the special PVC joint, that ensures impermeability for the wall.

PRECOPAL driving is fast because the width of one element is 0.9m, so the operation has economical convenience in comparison with other existent methods. 

After the wall is completed, the dig can be done.